Good Friday/Easter Idea

  • This is a first “SKETCH” of a fairly simple idea we are thinking about. I haven’t done all the write-ups for each station as yet…but I will…so come back if you want to use what we come up with.
  • This is something PARENTS walk through with their kids. It doesn’t require “staff” or “volunteers” to monitor
  • We don’t have a ton of space, but if you have more rooms, you could space these stations out in different rooms.


Station 1: 5-10 minutes

God Created Everything Perfectly

Parent reads a short statement of how God created everything and said it was good!  God made mankind and said he/she was very good…

Do: A creativity station to make a beautiful mosaic of God’s creation

Station 2: 5 minutes

People sinned

Parent reads a short statement of how sin came into the world, and then sin became the biggest problem we have.

Do: Create a big newspaper with headlines that kids make themselves of “wrong things” in the world. We can also provide some headlines for kids to paste, and pictures…

Station 3: 5 minutes

A divide was created because of this sin

We have one of our artists draw God in the distance on a roll of newsprint, we hang it from the wall with the divide extending across a bit of floor and then up onto a low table, giving the illusion of God in the distance and a divide between us and him.

Parent reads about how nothing we do can fix this divide…our sin created distance between us and God.

Do: An attempt at a bridge.  We will have popsicle sticks that kids can tape on the edge of the table with things people do to try to fix the problem themselves(good works, going to church, being nice, reading good books) to illustrate that nothing can reach God.


Station 4 – 5-10 minutes in this room

Jesus came and fixed my problem

DO: This is the story of the cross—use a picture bible to tell the story, or find a great video clip that tells the story of the cross that is appropriate for kids (good luck) use the “Brick testament” in a cartoon strip fashion along a long wall to tell the story (kids love the brick testament:

Station 5

Jesus forgave my sin

A confession station where kids can write down their own sins (or draw them) in a sand pit and then wipe it clean


Station 6 – 5 minutes

Story of Easter

DO: 3 minute DVD telling the story of Jesus resurrection using the Read & Share DVD series, DVD volume 2, story number 12

<u>ROOM 4</u>

Station 7

Big Thank You Card to Jesus — this can be displayed near the kids area on Easter Sunday


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