The Cross/Crucifixion

These are just random ideas that were sent our way that we used or haven’t used yet but might:

  • The has great pictures depicting the crucifixion and empty tomb. Some pics might be confusing to kids but can be easily left out. I have used these in the past and kids LOVE them (cuz it’s lego, after all!)
  • Not that many great videos on the crucifixion on You Tube. Here is one that will work for younger children. It is pretty old-sunday-school style but we have used a few of these for younger children who just need a good, clear simple telling of the story and they work for that. Usually have to stop before the song at the end. Anyway, an idea that might work: (this video tells the whole Crucifixion/Easter story/Ascension story. It would work to stop it at the resurrection if you like)
  • I haven’t had a chance to view this yet — but this seems to be a really good DVD: “The Miracle Maker” Claymation. You can buy it off of for a very reasonable price.
  • Also, the Read And Share DVD series has a really good DVD on Easter (that we will be using in our church). Very suitable for kids preschool to about Grade 4.
  • This might not be usable (hard to understand for some probably) but a really cool video clip all the same. Actually I wasted a ton of time watching this video series — laughed!!! 
  • a good way to tell the easter story is with the resurrection eggs…we used them at our house with all our kids..its fun and a good hands on visual lesson…you could make one egg for each child..the plastic eggs are pretty cheap at the dollar store…i found A website on how to make them…

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