Easter Sunday (Preschool Lesson)

  • Date Used: April 4, 2010
  • Theme:  Easter (death and resurrection of Jesus Christ)
  • Age: 2, 3, 4
  • Author/Assembler: Teresa Klassen

When we prepare for our preschool class, we just write a list of “10 little things” the facilitator can use.  That way, if the children have a short attention span this morning, he/she can use what works and in any order.

Ten Little Things To Do

  • In any order – just pick which things seem to work on Sunday.
  • You may do just a couple of things, or maybe you will do them all!

1. The Easter Story (with Gummies)

* I found a similar poem on the Internet. Uncertain as to whom the original author is. I modified it to make it tell the Easter story a little more clearly.

  • We will have paper plates with this poem printed on them.
  • We will have some icing (the kind you use for Gingerbread houses) and some Popsicle sticks – you can help the children put a dot of icing on the plate next to the right line of the poem and then stick a gummy onto the plate. We will have fruit gummies to match the colors below…
  • Put the child’s name on the plate and then set aside to let the icing dry
  • Teacher: Say the line out loud to the children, once before you give them a gummy and then as you are sticking the gummy to your plate (showing them how). Then let them stick it to their plate (they may need some help)

Green is for all the good things that God made:
Trees, people, flowers and each grass blade.

But black is for how we misbehaved.
We all sinned and disobeyed!

Purple is for the night Jesus was sad
Seeing that the world was so bad

Red is for the blood Jesus gave.
He died on the cross so that we could be saved.

Yellow is for the sun’s bright rays
Jesus came alive after three days!

White is Jesus’ love cleaning our hearts
And giving people a brand new start

Pink is for our new tomorrow
Filled with hope instead of sorrow.

All these yummy, colorful treats
Reminding us that God’s love is sweet!

2. DVD

“The Empty Tomb” to the children (Read and Share Bible Series, Video No. 4)

3.            Read the Easter Story

Use a simple Children’s Bible (we used the Beginner’s Bible – “Surprise” page 486)

4.            Jesus “The Bridge” Activity

* This idea is a modification of an idea I found at http://www.kidssundayschool.com/Preschool/Objects/1object06.php by “Mike”

This is a little acting out activity

o      Put a picture of Jesus and the children on the wall (use tacks provided)

o      Put one towel on the ground, leading away from the picture.

o      Put the second towel away from this towel – far enough away from the other towel so that the kids won’t be able to jump across to it, but close enough that the “poster-board cross” will reach across the gap later (Approximately 2 feet away) Don’t put the cross across yet.  Place the red hearts on the towel that is close to Jesus.

o      Have the children stand at the end of the towels (away from the picture of Jesus.)

o      Explain:

  • “We want to be close to Jesus and give our hearts to him”
  • “But look….there is a big space between us and him. Can you jump across?” (have the kids try, and show them how the space is too big)
  • “Jesus died on the cross so that he could make a way for us to be close to him….see how the cross becomes a bridge? (place the cross between the towels to make a bridge)
  • “Now we can come and give our hearts to Jesus” (have the children each walk over the bridge that the cross makes, pick up a heart and stick it to the Jesus poster)

5.            Free Time

To let the children work off some energy

6.            Snack time

7.            Song

Play Jesus loves me or another song with actions from a Worship With Actions CD.

8.            Easter Coloring Page

There are many good ones on the internet, we will provide one

9.            Easter Puzzle

Teacher: (showing a picture of Jesus on the cross) Jesus died on the cross for our sins, which was sad…but look what happened on Easter Sunday!  We are going to put a puzzle together to see what happened!

Take the simple puzzle pieces and have the children help you put together the picture. When it is together, read the words that say “Jesus is Alive!!!”

Ask them if they would like to do that again.  Repeat the same statement that Jesus died on the cross etc.  and repeat making the puzzle with their help and see if they can remember what the words say.  Help them by saying, “Jesus is…..?”

10.            Blessing


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