Doubting Thomas: Jesus Listens To My Questions (Preschool)

Ten Little Ideas of things to do

  • In any order – just pick which things seem to work on Sunday.
    You may do just a couple of things, or maybe you will do them all!

1.            Free time

2.            DVD of Jesus and Thomas

Play the DVD about “Doubting Thomas” – I used this one and added the actual voices to the DVD:

3.            Story Time (with flashcards. I just used pictures off the internet for these, but will eventually draw originals for this site)

Jesus died on the cross. That was sad. (picture of the cross)

Jesus came alive again! That was very happy. (picture of the empty tomb)

Thomas was Jesus’ friend. (Jesus with disciples)

He heard that Jesus was alive, but hadn’t seen him yet. (Thomas by himself)

He had a question – was Jesus really alive? (Thomas with question marks)

Jesus came to Thomas and now Thomas could see Him. Jesus said, believe in me! (Jesus showing his wounds)

4.            I can ask Jesus questions!

Teacher: we will have simple flashcards showing a child asking a question and then another one with an answer…the activity goes as follows (for those using this lesson from other churches, we just made up stick-figure flashcards. Sorry I don’t have those here for you, hopefully I can make some originals soon to put here…but, drawing stick-guys is pretty easy so have fun with it :))

Teacher says: we can ask Jesus questions

Q:            “Jesus, who made the earth?” (one side of the card is a stick figure asking the question)

A:            “God made the earth and everything on it.” (other side, picture of the world)

Q:            “Jesus, who made me?” (stick figure asking this)

A:            “God made you and loves you very, very much” (Jesus and stick figure, hearts)

Q:            “Jesus, are you always with me?” (stick figure asking)

A:            “Yes, I am always with you. No matter where you are.” (Jesus and stick figure hand in hand)

Q:            “Are you with me when I sleep?” (stick figure in pyjamas)

A:            “Yes, I am with you when you sleep” (Jesus with stick figure, or by stick figure’s bed)

Q:            “Are you with me when I play?” (stick figure throwing ball)

A:            “Yes, I am with you when you play” (Jesus cheering on stick figure)

Q:            “Do you still love me when I am naughty?” (Sad stick figure)

A:            “Yes, I still love you and I will forgive you.” (Jesus saying ‘I forgive you’ to stick figure)

Q:            “Jesus, where are you right now?” (stick figure asking)

A:            “I am with you?” (stick figure and Jesus)

Q:            “Do you live in my heart?” (stick figure asking)

A:            “I will live in your heart if you ask me to” (picture of heart with Jesus in it)

“Jesus, thank you that you listen to my questions!”

5.            Simple craft

The same picture of the child in activity above (number 4) asks, “Does Jesus hear my questions”…this is glued on the outside of a door, and when you open the little door it says, “Yes He does!”

6.            Bible memory: We are memorizing Proverbs 3:5

  • Hold up one hand and say: “let’s pretend this is God’s hand”
  • Hold up your other hand and say: “and this is your hand”
  • Put your two hands together and say: “when I put my hand in God’s hand, that is trust

Now do the Bible verse with that action starting you off:

  • Trust (two hands together like a handshake)
  • In Jesus (point up)
  • With all (arms out wide)
  • Your heart (put your two hands over your heart)

7.            Snack

8.            Coloring Page of Jesus and Thomas

9.            Song (action song from a worship CD)

10.            Blessing

Teachers, I am asking that at the end of every lesson you have all the children sit quietly while you pray over them.  You do not have to use these words below…but they are from the bible and you could certainly add them to whatever you pray. Let us not miss the opportunity to impart a spiritual blessing on each child.

“I pray this blessing over each one of you.

Each of you is precious in God’s sight.

God sees you every minute of every day and he loves you.

I pray that you will come to know and love Jesus with all your heart for all your days.

May the Lord bless you and protect you.

May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.

May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.



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