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Good New! (Preschool) (Sunday School Lessons for Children)

Date Age-group Scripture Theme
Oct. 3/2010 Preschool Acts 2:14-36 Good News!

Written/Arranged by Teresa Klassen

1. Free Time

Just play with the children and enjoy getting to know them

2. Kid’s Speak

Teacher asks the children: “What are some things that make you happy?”

If the children don’t know how to answer, then ask them…

  • Does it make you happy when you have to clean up a very messy room (nooooo)
  • Does it make you happy when you get to eat ice-cream (yes)
  • Does it make you happy when you have to go to bed early (nooooo)
  • Does it make you happy when you get to play outside on a sunny day (yes)
  • Does it make you happy when you are feeling sick (nooooo)
  • Does it make you happy when it is your birthday (yes)

Teacher says: Some things don’t make us very happy: this is bad news

Some things make us very happy: this is good news!

3. Good News! – Poster Activity

  • We will have a poster of Good/Happy things.
  • We will have smiley faces that say “Good News”
  • Have the children glue a Happy Face on every poster picture
  • When the put the picture on the poster have them say, “Good News!”

4. Jesus’ Good News

We will have flashcards with the following little truths from the Bible

1.     When Jesus made the world it was perfect, and we were best friends with Jesus. That is how Jesus wanted it to be!

2.     But sometimes we do things that are naughty, right? Sometimes we don’t share. Sometimes we don’t listen to our mommy’s and daddy’s, and this is wrong. This is what people do sometimes. We do things that are wrong.

3.     When we do things that are naughty, this is called sin.  When we sin it makes our hearts are all dirty and black.

4.     When our hearts are all dirty and black with sin it makes Jesus sad. Our sin pushes Jesus away. He loves us and doesn’t want our hearts to be black with sin. He wants to be our best friend.

5.     When we say sorry to Jesus He forgives us.

6.     When we say “I am sorry” to Jesus he makes our hearts clean again

7.     When Jesus says he will make our hearts clean, this is very, very good news and it makes us very, very happy!

5. Sing

Sing  “Jesus Loves Me” along with the CD/DVD

6. Good News-paper

This activity uses the Bible. There will be a “newspaper” inside the Bible.

Teacher says: Do you know how your mommy and daddy sometimes read the newspaper (show the children a newspaper). This paper is full of news about what is going on in the city where we live.

The Bible (show them a Bible) is full of news too.  It is full of very good news!

(Pull out the “Newspaper” from the Bible) Look…this news from the Bible says, “Good News” (show the children the big front headline of the paper that says “Good News”) This says, “Good News” can you say that with me?

Let’s open up our paper and see what the Good News is…

Front of the paper says: Good News

Inside Left says: Jesus loves you!

Inside Right says: Jesus loves me!

7. Craft

Make a “Good News-paper” with the children and have them practice telling it to the class.

  • We will have a big piece of paper folded in half.
  • We will have 3 other pages that you can glue onto this – one on the front, and two in the middle

Front of the paper says: Good News

Inside Left says: Jesus loves you!

Inside Right says: Jesus loves me!

8. Snack

Pray with the children before you have your snack and thank Jesus for the Good News that he forgives our sin and makes our hearts clean again!

9. Bible Memory

“Jesus is the light of the world”

  • Jesus is: point up
  • The Light: make your finger like your candle and your other hand like a flame (explain that it is a candle/light)
  • Of the world: make your arms like a big circle, like the earth

10. Clean up, Clean up

Have the children help you tidy up the room


Good News! (Grade 4-6) (Sunday School Lessons for Children)

Date Age-group Scripture Theme
Oct. 3/2010 Grade 4-6 Acts 2:14-36 Good News!

Written/Arranged by Teresa Klassen

This year we are writing for a 45 minute class. After this, the children join in with Big Church for worship/The Lord’s Supper.

1. Opener: The News Is… (10 minutes)

Teacher: Today we are talking about Good News and to start us off, I thought I would see how good you are at giving people some news…

§  Get 4 volunteers

§  They have to describe the top word – the bold word on the card

§  They can’t use any of the words on the list below the main word when they are describing the main word

§  The rest of the class will guess

Card One

The News is…

Card Two

The News is…

Card Three

The News is…

Card Four

The News is…

New Baby Brother New Puppy You’re Moving! You Got an A in Math!
You can’t say… You can’t say… You can’t say… You can’t say…

















Report Card






2. Good News… (8-10 minutes)

Teacher: So we are getting news all the time through Newspapers, our Televisions, Facebook, Twitter, Texting…good news, bad news…I’m curious, what is the best news you have ever received? I’ll start off…some of the best news I ever received was…

After the kids have a chance to share then transition…

Teacher:            The best news you will ever receive is found in the Bible. You may find that a little hard to believe.

3. Bible (5 minutes)

Teacher: Can anyone remember what book in the Bible we have been reading from the past few weeks? (Acts).

Today we are reading from chapter 2…it is a pretty long passage, so we have printed out a sheet to read from today…in this passage, Jesus’ disciple Peter is speaking to a whole crowd of people. These were many of the same people who wanted to have Jesus killed. Well, they succeeded. Jesus was crucified, but what they didn’t count on was Jesus rising from the dead after three days and ascending to heaven. And then, as we learned last week, God sent His Holy Spirit to empower His followers. So this is what Peter says to the crowd…

Read:                        Have a student or two read the following

“Listen carefully to these words: Jesus, following the deliberate and well-thought-out plan of God, was betrayed by men who took the law into their own hands, and was handed over to you. And you pinned him to a cross and killed him. But God untied the death ropes and raised him up. Death was no match for him…This Jesus, God raised up. And every one of us here is a witness to it. Then, raised to the heights at the right hand of God and receiving the promise of the Holy Spirit from the Father, he poured out the Spirit he had just received. That is what you see and hear. All Israel, then, know this: There’s no longer room for doubt—God made Jesus Master and Messiah, this Jesus whom you killed on a cross.”

(from “The Message”)

Teacher:             So where is the good news in there? Let’s try to figure this out…(this isn’t a question to be answered, just to transition)

4. What’s Good News? – Puzzle Activity (10-15)

  • There will be 5 envelopes with puzzle pieces in each, and a piece of cardstock for “backing”
  • Break the kids into 5 groups (of 2 or 3 if you have enough kids). If you don’t have that many then just split them into two or three groups and then get them to do more than 1 envelope
  • There are puzzle pieces in the envelope
  • Each group should have a glue-stick
  • Groups must each put together the puzzle in the envelope and glue them onto the cardstock backing

The puzzles will each have a picture (from the Brick Testament which has Bible scenes in Lego) and will describe 5 pieces of the “Good News” story about Jesus

When the puzzles are all put together…have a student from each group read what is on each puzzle, starting with group 1 and moving through group 5. Here is what the puzzles say…

Puzzle 1

First, some perfectly perfect, great, fantastic awesome news! The Bible tells us that the first people who lived on earth were named Adam and Eve. God loved Adam and Eve and they were all best friends. That is the good part of the story.  God created us because He loved us and wanted to be best friends with us forever!! God always meant our relationship to be good news…

But one day Adam and Eve disobeyed God. This is called sin. This is the perfectly AWFUL part of our news story. They sinned and broke their friendship with God. Sin pushed God away from people. This is really, really, really bad news for everybody. The Bible says that we cannot take care of sin on our own and so we will live and die with a heart has been made dirty by sin. Our friendship with God will always be broken unless someone pays for that sin; nothing good about that!

Puzzle 2

The Bible tells us that God did not want us to live without Him. He didn’t want sin to get in the way. But God knew that the only way for sin to be taken care of is if someone would pay for that sin; and the payment for sin was death.  God said, “I will die in your place.” So Jesus came to earth and died for you and for me on the cross (show them the picture of Jesus on the cross).  When we believe this and invite Jesus into our heart, He forgives our sin and welcomes us into His family. Sound good? It gets better…

Puzzle 3

When Jesus died on the cross, He took care of the sin problem. Now, when we invite Jesus into our hearts, He washes our hearts clean of all that sin. Jesus’ death on the cross takes care of it all!  Our hearts become clean and forgiven. Take a look at this video which has a little more to say on this part of the good news…

SHOW: At this point show a short DVD on the Gospel for Children (Suggested link: – a short explanation of sin and forgiveness

Puzzle 4

When Jesus lives in our hearts, the good news is we aren’t stuck being the same old people. When we start learning how to follow Him, we grow! Just as plants and trees grow, we also grow as Christians. There are things that we will see growing in our lives as the Holy Spirit shows us how to live God’s way: we will be more loving, more joy-filled, more peaceful, more patient, and more kind. We will want to live “good lives” as we love God and love other people.

Puzzle 5

And now, for the best kind of news. When we are following Jesus, we never have to wonder what happens next!  We know Jesus is with us always, and even when we die…we know exactly where we will be: with Jesus in heaven. Jesus says He will never leave us, and He will always help us, and when we die He is already there waiting for us, welcoming us to the beautiful place He has prepared for us in heaven.

Teacher:            So…now that we have walked through this whole story…what is one piece of good news in all of this for us and for people we share this news with? What stood out to you?

Close the time together just sharing 2-3 minutes of what the “Good News” has meant to you, in your own life.

Around 11 a.m. check the monitor in the class to see if the music has started.  If it has, try to move as soon as you can to the auditorium. A row has been reserved for the 456rs. Before you do, we are serving the Lord’s Supper, so make sure you explain this to the kids as follows…


Remind the kids that we are always going to be joining in the morning service for the second half (worship and the Lord’s Supper)

Today when we go into the morning service they are going to serve Communion, also known as the Lord’s Supper. When Jesus was about to die he had one last supper with his friends.  That’s why it is called the Lord’s Supper. At this supper he said, when you eat this broken bread and drink the juice I want it to remind you that I died for you.  The bread represents my broken body, the juice represents the blood that was spilled for you to forgive your sins.

When we take communion, we take a piece of bread and we dip it in the juice and we go back to our seats and eat it there…and while we do, we think about the amazing gift that Jesus gave us. He died for you and for me so that we could be forgiven and be in a right relationship with God.

The Lord’s Supper is just a reminder of the decision some of us have made to follow Jesus

You don’t have to come and take the Lord’s Supper. If you haven’t asked Jesus to lead your life, or if you just want to know more about the Lord’s Supper before you take it, feel totally free to take a pass and stay in your seats.

–                Remind the kids to be quiet when we go into the room

–                Tell them they can sit with the group or go and sit with their parents

–                Make sure you go in WHEN THE MUSIC IS PLAYING.

–                The reserved seats are to the left, near the front, near the screen