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Simple Sunday Christmas Party

This is a plan for a very simple Christmas Party the Sunday before Christmas Eve. In our church we hold a service on Christmas Eve, and we do not have a gathering on the Sunday following Christmas Eve as we encourage people to stay home, be with family and friends and neighbors.

Arranged by Teresa Klassen


1. Start by welcoming the kids (3 minutes)

2. Christmas Quiz (see PDF — we have included the answers on this one) (10-12 minutes)



Teacher says: I wonder how well you know the Christmas Story? We are going to break off into a few teams (make sure there are no more than 10 children in a team. Less is better, so have your leaders lead smaller teams). Whoever gets the most answers right in the time I give you will get the FIRST PRIZE — but everyone will get a little prize. Some treats you can have when you are ready to leave later.

  • Have everyone break off into groups with a leader in each group and then work through the Christmas Quiz (attached). Time them for about 8 minutes. If that is too short, then give them a little extra time, but not too much more!
  • Mix the kids up so there are older and younger kids in one group. Some of the questions are really easy, and some are tough.
  • Leaders — don’t help the kids…don’t give hints…if they don’t know the answer, have them make a wild guess!!

First prize: suckers you can give the winning team at the end
Second prize: everyone gets one of the wrapped candy slices

3. Tell the Christmas Story (using flashcards provided) (10-12 minutes)

You can make your own flashcards, or you can get permission from the author of the and print off some of his fun lego pictures (look under New Testament, Life of Jesus…you will have to choose ones that you feel are suitable. Not all the pictures always represent the best view of our faith, but most of it is very helpful)
4. Make the Christmas Craft (10-15 minutes)

It is a little Christmas decoration they can decorate. Make sure you use the scrap paper to set the decoration on and write their name on the scrap paper, set aside on the shelf.

I wrapped blocks I found at the Dollar Store in brown paper, and hot-glued a little red ribbon loop on top and then provided lots of messy glitter and stickers and felts for the children to use to decorate these.

5. Play a fun little game to get the wiggles out (5-10 minutes)

  • This is a relay race. Divide the kids in two or three teams
  • Smear some Vaseline on the ends of their noses (I know, they will think it is gross…that’s the fun of it!)
  • Then explain that they have to stick a cotton ball (a snowball) on the end of their nose and run to the other end, take the ball off and put it in the paper bag. The first team to use up all their cotton balls, wins! (no prize for this one though). If you want to make this more difficult (if the children are older) you can tell them they can’t use their hands to get the “snowball” off!!
  • There will be some kleenex that they can wipe their noses off later

6. Now the kids can settle down and you can play the Christmas movie (35 minutes)

Provide some pop-corn twist snacks and some juice.

We used the DVD from the Read & Share DVD series; the Christmas movie. It is very well done and very accurate.


Christmas For Preschoolers (Sunday School Lessons for Children)

Date Class Scripture Theme
Dec 19, 2010 Preschool Matt. 19:14 Christmas

Written/Arranged by Teresa Klassen

1. Welcome

Have the children do this with you

a.     One, two three — Jesus loves me

b.     Look and see — Jesus made me

c.      From the beginning to the end – Jesus is my friend!

2. Bible Story

Read the story from First Steps Bible, page 198, “Something Good To Tell  You”

3. DVD

Show story: “Jesus is Born”

4. Simple Craft

Christmas Star Ornament.

o   We will have cutouts of stars the kids can decorate

o   We will have red pipe-cleaner that you can put through the hole and make into a loop (to hang on a tree)

5. Snack

Maple cookies

6. Bible Verse

Give each child a stuffed animal

Teacher says: Aren’t stuffy’s nice to hug?  It just feels so good to hold them             tight. Doesn’t it? Let’s give our stuffy’s a hug!

When we want to give our mom or dad a hug, that feels good too doesn’t it?             They say, “come to me” and they squeeze us nice and tight just like we are             hugging our stuffy’s.

Do you know what? Jesus loves us like that too!  Whenever a child wants to  see Jesus, He says, “Come to me!” and picks them up and hugs them, just like you are hugging your stuffy.

You make Jesus smile!

The Bible says that Jesus always has time for children and He always says,  “Come to me!”

7. Help me tell the Christmas Story

  • Use the little nativity set to tell the story
  • Sit on the floor and have the children help you.
  • Give them each a piece and tell them who each person is (“This is Mary” “This is Joseph”)
  • When you talk about their character, have them hold it up…

Teacher says: This is a special story….

1.     God told a special lady named Mary that she was going to have a baby and she would name Him Jesus – can you hold Mary up?

2.     But Mary and Joseph – let’s hold up Mary and Joseph now – had to go to a little town named Bethlehem first…can you make Mary & Joseph walk on the floor?

3.     Now they are in Bethlehem. But there is no room for them in any of the hotels. Let’s all look sad for Mary and Joseph. Where will she have her baby?

4.     There was a barn called a “stable” that they could sleep in. There were also animals in the barn like sheep and cows and horses. Can we make a sheep sound? Can we make a cow sound? Can we make a horse sound?

5.     There Mary had the baby – can you hold up the baby? What did they name Him? (Jesus!)

6.     Shepherds in the fields nearby came and  saw the baby and they worshipped him…

8.     Song and Actions

Stand up with the kids and sing the following…

“Away in a Manger” (I will see if I can provide a CD you can sing to)

Words are:

Away in a manger,
No crib for His bed
The little Lord Jesus
Laid down His sweet head

The stars in the bright sky
Looked down where He lay
The little Lord Jesus
Asleep on the hay

The cattle are lowing
The poor Baby wakes
But little Lord Jesus
No crying He makes

9.         Whose Birthday Is It?

  • Have a simple question answer time where they children can shout “no” or “yes”

Teacher says: Christmas time is somebody’s birthday party.

Is it your birthday party? (NO)

Is it Santa’s birthday party? (NO)

Is it Frosty The Snowman’s birthday party? (NO)

Is it Jesus’ birthday party? (YES)

You’re right…it is Jesus’ birthday!!

10.         Play time, and clean up with the children

Take the time to sit with the children, talk with them, play with them.