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Jesus Loves The Little Children (Preschool) (Sunday School Lessons For Children)

Date Class Scripture Theme
October 17, 2010 Preschool Jesus loves all the little children of the world

Written/Arranged by Teresa Klassen

1. Three Things We Know!

  • One, two, three (count with your fingers) Jesus loves me (on the word “love” draw a heart over your heart)
  • Look and see (turn around) Jesus made me (point to yourself with your thumbs)
  • From the beginning (stretch your hand out far to the left) to the end (stretch your hand far to the right) Jesus is my friend (give yourself a hug)

2. Bible Story

From the First Step Bible page 364

“Come Close, Little Ones”

3. DVD

Jesus Loves Children (Read ‘N Share, Volume 1, Story 12)

4. Craft

There will be a half page with three columns

Title: Three Things I Know!

  • Column 1 — One, two, three — Jesus loves me
  • Column 2 — Look and see — Jesus made me
  • Column 3: From the beginning to the end — Jesus is my friend

Children will glue a picture on each column

5. Singing

“Jesus Loves The Little Children”

Purple CD “Favorite Bible Songs” (by Wee Worship) Disc 1, song 7

6. Game

  • Have the children sit in a circle.
  • Have one child hold a heart and pass it to the child to their right and say, “Jesus loves you”
  • Do this slowly, and then do it a little faster and faster

7. Snack

  • Heart cookies
  • Remind the children that a heart reminds us about love and Jesus loves us!

8. Jesus Knows My name

  • Have a picture of Jesus on a poster with Jesus saying, “I love you”
  • Help the children write their name
  • Then put their name in Jesus’ arms

9. Jesus loves all the little children of the world!

  • Flashcards of children from around the world
  • The teacher says, “This child is from (Africa, for example). Her name is _______. Does Jesus love ______?”
  • Children say “Yes!”
  • Teacher affirms, “Yes, Jesus loves __________”

10. Bible verse

“God is love!” 1 John 4:8

Clean up together

Enjoy playing together!


1.     Bible

2.     CD with song

3.     Heart shaped cookies

4.     Craft main page with title and sub-titles

5.     Craft pictures x 3 kinds

6.     Heart for game

7.     Poster with Jesus holding out his hands

8.     Strips of paper where children can write their names (with help)

9.     Flashcards with pictures of children from around the world. On the front = picture. On the back, name of the child and country they are from


Baby Moses (Jesus takes care of me) (Preschool) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

Date Class Scripture Theme
October 18th Preschool
Exodus 3-4 Moses – Jesus takes care of me

Prepared by: Teresa Klassen

Ten Little Ideas of things to do

(In any order – just pick which things seem to work on Sunday. You may do just a couple of things, or maybe you will do them all!)

1. Free Play

2. Worship time  (CD’s and DVD’s)

Play CD. If there are children who seem to want to join in, sing along with them. As we are using little Worship DVD’s from time to time as well, you will find a little collection starting in the classroom. Feel free to use these at any time. This week I am adding “Who is the King of the Jungle” to which you can do some simple actions: When the song goes “Who Who” it sounds like a monkey, so you can do a monkey action. When it says “bubble bubble” you can use your fingers to look like the sea. When it says, “Who’s the king of me?” you can point to yourself.

3. “Moses” Segment 8 of Read N Share DVD (3 minutes)

4. Moses Story (using Play/Pray Bible)

Use only pages 42-45 (where the waves crash down on Pharaoh’s army)

5. Moses “Finger Play”

This little play tells the story of how God rescues Moses at the Red Sea. * It isn’t original to us.

Moses and God’s people (hold up your right hand and point to your thumb when you say Moses and to the rest of your fingers when you say God’s people)

Stood beside the sea (make waves with your other hand, in front of your “people” hand)

“How can we get across?” (turn palms upward, like you are asking a question)

They asked unhappily (make fists with your hands and wipe your eyes)

Then God told Moses (with your left hand point up with your finger when you say God, and then use the same finger to point to the thumb on your right hand when you say Moses)

To lift the staff in his hand (with your right hand, pretend you are holding up a staff)

Then the water split apart (use your hands to show the parting of the water, moving your hands away from each other)

And made a path of dry land (walk your right fingers down your left arm)

The people were so happy (wiggle the fingers of your hands)

That they began to sing

Thank you, God, for

Your great love (cover your heart with your hands)

You can do anything! (clap your hands in rhythm with the rhyme)

6. Bible memory (5 minutes)

In the Bible, we learn God makes Promises. God loves us and promises to take care of us  no matter what. Let’s see if we can remember this Bible verse, first you can practice with me, and then if you put up your hand, you can try to remember it and say it back to me!

Psalm 119:105 105 Your word is a lamp to my feet…

Actions:  most kids won’t be interested, but the older kids might like to follow along.

Your:       point to the Sky

Word :       open hands like a book

Lamp:       hold up finger light a light

Feet:       Point to feet.

7. Snacks (5 minutes)

”Bag Lunches” because Moses and the people hurried away from Egypt. You will have some little bags and we will have some crackers in the bags.

8. Moses Craft

  • Have kids color the basket and moses
  • Glue the basket (just around the edges) onto the blue paper
  • Show them how they can put Moses in and out of the basket
  • Craft page looks like this:

* You can find a craft idea for this at this site: Click Here

9. Prayer

Bring the children together to pray with them

–      thank God that we could learn more about Him today

–         thank Him that He loves us.

–            thank Him that He is big and powerful and will always take care of us

10. Find Baby Moses

Take one of the dolls play a game and say, “Remember how Moses was hidden in a basket, and then Pharaoh’s daughter found him? We are going to play a game like that. One of you will hide baby Moses, and the rest of us will try to find him.” Then have the children sit on the couches and cover their eyes while you count to 10 to let one of the kids hide the doll. Then everyone gets to find him.