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Christmas For Preschoolers (Sunday School Lessons for Children)

Date Class Scripture Theme
Dec 19, 2010 Preschool Matt. 19:14 Christmas

Written/Arranged by Teresa Klassen

1. Welcome

Have the children do this with you

a.     One, two three — Jesus loves me

b.     Look and see — Jesus made me

c.      From the beginning to the end – Jesus is my friend!

2. Bible Story

Read the story from First Steps Bible, page 198, “Something Good To Tell  You”

3. DVD

Show story: “Jesus is Born”

4. Simple Craft

Christmas Star Ornament.

o   We will have cutouts of stars the kids can decorate

o   We will have red pipe-cleaner that you can put through the hole and make into a loop (to hang on a tree)

5. Snack

Maple cookies

6. Bible Verse

Give each child a stuffed animal

Teacher says: Aren’t stuffy’s nice to hug?  It just feels so good to hold them             tight. Doesn’t it? Let’s give our stuffy’s a hug!

When we want to give our mom or dad a hug, that feels good too doesn’t it?             They say, “come to me” and they squeeze us nice and tight just like we are             hugging our stuffy’s.

Do you know what? Jesus loves us like that too!  Whenever a child wants to  see Jesus, He says, “Come to me!” and picks them up and hugs them, just like you are hugging your stuffy.

You make Jesus smile!

The Bible says that Jesus always has time for children and He always says,  “Come to me!”

7. Help me tell the Christmas Story

  • Use the little nativity set to tell the story
  • Sit on the floor and have the children help you.
  • Give them each a piece and tell them who each person is (“This is Mary” “This is Joseph”)
  • When you talk about their character, have them hold it up…

Teacher says: This is a special story….

1.     God told a special lady named Mary that she was going to have a baby and she would name Him Jesus – can you hold Mary up?

2.     But Mary and Joseph – let’s hold up Mary and Joseph now – had to go to a little town named Bethlehem first…can you make Mary & Joseph walk on the floor?

3.     Now they are in Bethlehem. But there is no room for them in any of the hotels. Let’s all look sad for Mary and Joseph. Where will she have her baby?

4.     There was a barn called a “stable” that they could sleep in. There were also animals in the barn like sheep and cows and horses. Can we make a sheep sound? Can we make a cow sound? Can we make a horse sound?

5.     There Mary had the baby – can you hold up the baby? What did they name Him? (Jesus!)

6.     Shepherds in the fields nearby came and  saw the baby and they worshipped him…

8.     Song and Actions

Stand up with the kids and sing the following…

“Away in a Manger” (I will see if I can provide a CD you can sing to)

Words are:

Away in a manger,
No crib for His bed
The little Lord Jesus
Laid down His sweet head

The stars in the bright sky
Looked down where He lay
The little Lord Jesus
Asleep on the hay

The cattle are lowing
The poor Baby wakes
But little Lord Jesus
No crying He makes

9.         Whose Birthday Is It?

  • Have a simple question answer time where they children can shout “no” or “yes”

Teacher says: Christmas time is somebody’s birthday party.

Is it your birthday party? (NO)

Is it Santa’s birthday party? (NO)

Is it Frosty The Snowman’s birthday party? (NO)

Is it Jesus’ birthday party? (YES)

You’re right…it is Jesus’ birthday!!

10.         Play time, and clean up with the children

Take the time to sit with the children, talk with them, play with them.


The Good Samaritan (Preschool) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

Date Group Scripture Title
Sept. 12/2010 Preschool The Good Samaritan
Telling the story of Jesus with your life.

Written/Arranged by Nadine Rigby

Ten Little Things

1. Free Playtime

Try and encourage the kids to play together (play time, but as a group around 1 activity. It could be playdough or blocks or puzzles or whatever, but to have the children start together with something)

2. Opening activity (Singing) (5 minutes)

Start off by singing the “more we get together” 

“The more we get together, together, together”  (gather kids into a circle, and hold hand swinging to the motion of the song)

“The more we get together, the happier we’ll be” (make a silly happy face)

Cause your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends” (point to yourself and then kids around you)

”the more we get together the happier we’ll be”. (make a silly face)

(Sing a few times)

3. Read (5 minutes)

Bible Story : The Good Samaritan

Read from the “Children’s Favourite Bible stories” pg. 305

4. Watch (5 minutes)

Show Good Samaritan DVD. There are a lot of ideas on YouTube

Here is a suggestion:

5. Game (5 minutes)

Being a good friend and neighbour game.

God wants us to be a good friend and neighbour to everyone. A neighbour is everyone around you both far and wide. This means being nice to those around us. We are going to play a fun game where you tell me if I am saying something that is nice to do to our friends or not nice.  Sit down and only jump up  if I say something that is nice.  (Have children sit down in a group and encourage them to jump up when something that is said is nice)

Examples:  giving our friends a hug! (nice), not sharing our toys (not nice), sharing our toys (nice), not listening to our parents (not nice), cleaning up our toys (nice), inviting a new boy or girl to come play with us (nice), etc…….

6. Bible Memory verse (5 minutes)

In the bible we learn that God loves us and that he wants us to love one another. God wants us to be nice and to share with everybody. The bible says in Micah 6:8 “Jesus asks me to be fair.”  Let see if we can remember this verse! Let practice it together.  (do actions to verse a few times with kids)

Jesus (point to the sky),

asks (make a motion with your hand from mouth),

me  (point to self)

to (hold up two fingers),

be (make wings with your arms and buzz like a bee),

fair (hold to hand up, palms faceing the sky and tilt back and fourth like a scale)

7. Snack (5 minutes)

Ask two of the kids if they want to help hand out the snack. Just like the good Samaritan served his neighbour.

Pray over snack  (thank-you god for this food and our friends)

8. Giving a neighbour hug craft (5-8 minutes)

Have hand shape papers pre-cut out and pre-glued to stripe of paper folded tightly. Get kids to glues these to big cut our HUG hearts. Kids can decorate hearts with crayons.

Encourage kids to give there hug to a neighbour 

9. Prayer

-Thank you God that we can learn about him today.

-Thank-you for our friends and those around us

-Thank-you for loving us.

10. Colouring page of the Good Samaritan (5 minutes)


Telling the story of Jesus with your life (Grade 4-5-6) (Free Sunday School Lesson For Children)

Date Group Scripture Title
Sept. 12/2010 Grade 4-5-6 Acts 1:1-8 Be My Witness: Telling the story of Jesus with your life.

Written/Arranged by Teresa Klassen

  • For this year we are going to a half hour to 45 minute discussion format
  • Students in this age group then join up with “Big Church” for Worship/The Lord’s Supper

GETTING TO KNOW YOU (5-7 minutes)

Have two students stand in front of the rest; introduce them and then have them stand there for another 10 or so seconds and tell the rest of the kids to look at them. Then send these two students go out of view and have the rest of the students tell you everything they can remember about them.  You can ask a few questions to prompt them (what color of hair did they have, what are their names, what color of shoes did they have, were they wearing any jewelry, were they holding anything in their hands etc)

Then invite the two back in and see if you were right or not, and now many things you could have said but didn’t.

Teacher: So, if you had to describe these two to the police, would you have done a good job?

OPENER (5-7 minutes)

Question: “What is a witness?”

Teacher: One of the definitions of the word witness is “one who has personal knowledge or experience of something” ( When we see or experience something for ourselves, we can talk about it because we have been there; we have seen something and we can picture it up here in our heads, and we can then tell the story to others.

Question: Where do you usually hear the word “witness” how is that word used; for what purpose?

(ie. Witnesses appear in Court; when there is a car accident, the police take statements from witnesses)

Now I am going to show you a video clip I want everyone to remember at least one detail, and then tell us why that one thing caught your eye, why did you find it interesting?

Show: A clip depicting one or several car crashes.

A suggestion is:


Teacher: Jesus said something interesting in the book of Acts – that is the book we are going to be looking at for the next few weeks. It is the book that talks about what happens right after Jesus died on the cross and rose again. Let’s see if we can all find it in the Bible

Scripture: Have the students find Acts, then Acts 1:1-8. Explain how you look things up in the Bible if anyone doesn’t know how to…

Teacher: So what do you think it means when Jesus says, “Be my witnesses?”  A witness has to talk about something, what would someone who follows Jesus talk about?

(you might get blank stares at this question…that’s OK…let it be a bit quiet to let them think and then pick up on the next activity)


*Make sure this is interactive, and have the kids join in as much as you can, sharing ideas.

The idea of being a witness for Jesus is talking about the things we know to be true about Him. We can talk about the things we have experienced, that makes it easy to tell Jesus’ story…

There are TONS of things we can do and say to be witnesses for Jesus, but I have just picked 3 to give you an idea…

We’ll have these things on a flip chart so you can move through them

Page 1:            We all sin

A lot of people walk around in life feeling really awful about the things they have done. Some people do things that we might call “really bad.” Things like what? (let kids answer). But the Bible says that all of our sin is “really bad.”  When we lie. That’s really bad. When we gossip about others. That’s really bad. When we cheat on something or steal something – even a little something – that’s really bad. When we look at things on the internet that we really should not be looking at. That’s really bad. When we post something on facebook that is a rumor or is just a bit mean. That’s really bad. It’s all called sin.

Sin loads up on us and makes our hearts really hard.

Question: So, as people wanting to be witnesses for Jesus. What would we say or do about this, “to be a witness”

Page 2:            We can all be forgiven

When Jesus said be my witnesses, its all about sharing the Good News that Jesus came to tell. And this is the biggest piece of news ever.  Being a witness means that when you see someone who feels rotten about the things they have done, and are full of guilt and embarrassment, you are Jesus’ witness when you show kindness to that person; you don’t judge them the way other people might judgment. You can say“Hey, did you know that you can be forgiven for all that?”

We can say that, because we have been forgiven ourselves. We have seen it and felt it and so we can tell the story to others. That’s being a witness.

Page 3:            People can really feel rejected.

You know what it is like to be rejected? You know when your friends turn on you, or laugh at you, or think it is hilarious when you fail or get hurt or are alone?

You can feel rejected as a kid and you can feel rejected as a parent.  I bet if you would ask your mom or dad, they could tell you about a time they felt really rejected, or lonely.

Question: So how are we “witnesses” to people who are feeling rejected?

Page 4:            Jesus completely accepts everyone

Jesus has something we don’t have, and that is the ability to love people unconditionally…that means without holding anything back. He never walks away from anyone. He accepts everyone and He teaches those of us who are following Him to do the same.

When we are Jesus witnesses, half of being a witness is just how we act towards other people.  When we accept others with love and compassion, we are being a witness.

When we become friends with people who might even be difficult to be friends with.

We can talk about the accepting love of Jesus, because we have been accepted ourselves. We have seen Jesus’ love and felt it and so we can tell the story to others. That’s being a witness.

Page 5:            Worry!

There are so many things to worry about.  I’ll bet you bump into people all the time who are worried about a ton of things…

Question: What are some of the things people your age worry about?

So if you bump into someone who is worried about some of these things, what do you think Jesus would call you to say or do?

Page 6:            Jesus gives us strength and wisdom and help and peace!

The fact is the Bible tells us that Jesus promises to be with us no matter what we are facing, or are worried about facing. Jesus promises to give us the strength we will need. He promises to help us. He promises to fill us with peace.

So, what can we do to be a witness?

  • We can encourage people
  • We can tell them some of the things Jesus says in the Bible that are important to know – like how He says, “I will never leave you or abandon you.” Sometimes just sharing a good word lifts people up.
  • We can pray for people
  • Jesus can give us ideas on how to help people and then we can get really practical and help them
  • We can be good listeners, patient and interested in people’s stories – sometimes that is all someone needs

(other ideas…)


Jesus says that the way we live, the words we use, the kind of people we are ought to be different, noticeably different then everyone else who does not have Jesus as the leader of their life.

Just like “witnesses” tell a story about what they have seen and experienced, WE tell a story through how we are day by day as we hang around with friends, live in our families, and act towards strangers.

Jesus says in Acts to be His witness, and that is today’s challenge.

If you have time –

Question: If you haven ‘t thought to much about how you are living, what is one thing you think you could do to tell the story of Jesus through your life?

Close in prayer


* If we are having the Lord’s Supper, take some time to explain the Lord’s Supper before you head over.

I don’t know how one would describe the other months of the year, but September looms. It is like this big thing around the corner; I will admit, the word that comes to mind is, “yikes!” So, it is almost annoying to me that, on the Bible reading guide I am following, Proverbs 31 falls on the last day of August. Sigh.

Today, the ideal of “home” has been shattered to pieces; but there is still something in us that longs for it. I am not sure who is walking through your Sunday School doors, but I am quite certain there are some little broken hearts already. There are children who are looking for a safe place. In the big world, and in our small ones, image makes some people insiders and makes others outsiders.

Looking for short, nicely animated DVD’s for children sunday school lessons? I have used these and love them!