Useful Sunday School Lesson Links

  • As with anything, use your discernment with sites I recommend.
  • Read things through thoroughly to check for “proper doctrine.”
  • Some things you find, you will be able to use “as is” and others will need a little adjustment

Bible Stories For Kids (Online)

Really catchy and creative site and the Bible stories are very well told.  If you need some inspiration for telling Bible Stories in a fresh way, check it out. The author offers his work for free with a link to donate if you would like to show some appreciation for what he has posted. If you like Paul Dallgas-Fey’s work, here are some other links I found: Navigation Central, Kid Zone, Flickr


The Brick Testament.

This is a really creative site, though I must add, not without controversy (Google it). Lots of Bible stories told with Lego, though you may question Smith’s take on certain stories, some of the captions and the portrayal of God in some cases. With that caution, I still find the site interesting and useful and, of course, kids love Lego.  Some users might be put off that the author does not claim to be a Christian; but, keeping that in mind, I think Brendan Powell Smith (not really a “Reverend” as you will see) has put together an interesting resource. Be sure to check out his guidelines for using his materials.


MSSS Crafts and Resources for Bible Stories

If you have searched for Sunday School Lessons, you have probably run across this site. It is like “Grand Central” for Sunday School Lesson ideas.


Sunday School Drop-Out

I absolutely love these short Old-Testament cartoons by Brandon Todd (you can find some of his work on YouTube but please contact the author/illustrator to get permission to use any of his material). If you are looking for something to grab the attention of kids in that Grade 4-6 age group, these are witty and a little cheeky but not “off” in terms of telling the truth from the Bible; I like the fresh and funny perspective. I think they are a great “accompaniment” to an actual lesson, an attention-getter.


Kids of Integrity (from Focus On The Family)

A great new resource for parents/teachers to use: “Kids of Integrity is a set of free resources that will help you coach your kids with confidence and a clear sense of direction. Better still, Kids of Integrity will excite your children about living “God’s way.” You will find a lot of “complete ideas” here.


I received a note from these animators and checkout out their product; loved it! You will want to stop by this site and see these high quality animated dvds. I have included a clip for you to view here.